General information

The premises of the Vasa Museum are not available for events needing large scale equipment, considerable remodeling of space or for additional constructions. This in order to preserve the ship. All large setups have to be discussed and approved by the Vasa Institution through the Events Office.


times The Vasa Museum and the restaurant need a minimum of an hour following regular opening hours to prearrange dinners in the Ship Hall (estimated time depends upon the type of event and the expected number of guests). Regular opening hours: 1st September – 31st May (wintertime): 10:00-17:00. I.e. earliest arrival time for events is at 18hrs. 1st June – 31st August (summertime): 08:30-18:00. I.e. earliest arrival time for events is at 19hrs. NB! During wintertime, the museum closes at 20:00 on Wednesdays. Please contact the Events Office for advice in terms of schedule during these evenings.


The Vasa Museum’s Ship Hall maintains a constant temperature of 18 degrees Celsius (64,4 degrees Fahrenheit). We therefore recommend appropriate clothing. We provide with some blankets, but not enough for everyone at bigger events.


The Vasa Museum has unmanned cloakroom facilities with portable racks with hangers and lockers. A manned cloakroom may be arranged by the client in our small auditorium, although it is not recommended. Please contact the Events Office for more information.

Guided tours

Guided tours are included in the arrangements in the Ship Hall. Standard tours are conducted in English and Swedish. Other languages upon request and depending on availability and can be guaranteed two weeks before the visit. The Vasa Museum limits the number of visitors to 35 guests per guide. In case of groups totaling over 400 guests we offer guides available for questions during the drink reception instead of organized tours.


Booking of stage may be arranged by the events office or by contacting Solna Scen tel +46 (08)-28 94 80, , Dimensions: Width: 4m (13,1 ft), Depth: 3m (10,11ft) or less. Price: 2450 SEK excl. taxes. For use of a larger stage: 350 SEK/m². Additional cost during weekends and evenings after 17:00 as well as for breakdown before 08:00: 1200 SEK excl. taxes/event. Earliest possible setup is at 15:30 (wintertime) and 16:30 (summertime).


Basic stage lights are available and included in the rent (based on the dimensions 4×3 m.) and a smaller stage light for single speakers. Pillars and walls may be illuminated, it is however important that no additional light falls on the ship. Technique for this has to be brought in by the client and approved by the Event Manager.

Audio System

Simple Audio System for speeches is included in the rental cost. For hired equipment special considerations regarding the sound volume needs to be taken, maximum 97 decibel. We are happy to recommend entertainment suitable for the environment. View entertainment suggestions here.


Set up may be authorized from 16hrs (wintertime) and 17hrs (summertime) when and only if such procedure does not interrupt the regular museum activities. If an exception is agreed upon, additional security costs will be paid by the client. All equipment must be removed immediately after the event in order to allow for proper clean up. It is also possible to remove equipment the day after the event between 9.00-09.30 (Oct-May) and 08.00-08.30 (June-Sept) in special agreement with the Events Office.

Rehearsals and sound checks

Rehearsals and sound checks are allowed after the museum’s regular opening hours, i.e. from 17hrs wintertime and 18hrs summertime.

Dressing room

A dressing room for artists can be arranged in one of your meeting rooms. Facilities; makeup mirror, hollow body mirror, furnishings, wall sockets and hangers for clothing.


Equipment should be delivered to the Vasa Museum’s goods’ entrance and not to the main museum entrance. Delivery of goods to the event may only be done through the existing climate regulating doors. The system may not be altered. Please contact the events office upon arrival. Entrance gate dimension for delivery of goods: Height: 2m (6,5ft), width: 1,2m (3,2ft).


The Vasa Museum makes the required staff arrangements for guided tours as well as for security needs. The Vasa Museum reserves the right to hire additional personnel if deemed necessary.

Delivery address

Djurgårdsvägen 36, 11521 Stockholm. All deliveries have to be announced in advance due to limited space.


Same address as above. Pass the regular approach to the museum and turn right by Liljevalchs exhibition hall. Follow the water towards the museum’s back entrance.