Our food philosophy

At the Vasa Museum’s Restaurant, we value our environment and care about the animals that provide us with our meat. Therefore, we buy our ingredients from local farmers and try to stay as eco-friendly as possible. We also care about our carbon footprint, packaging, detergent that are kind to the environment and use only products that promote a healthier planet.

In the future we aspire to increase our usage of eco- friendly products and aim to decrease the effects to the environment. This will be our contribution to a better and healthier world for our children.

Today we work side by side with companies such as; Orto Novo, Hagby Gård, Ejmunds Gård, Warbrokvarn, and  Lantmännen. Our partners are active defenders of small farmers and suppliers.  We buy our fish from Eko fisk who are eco-audited and Tornedalica Special for our reindeer meat. Furthermore, we offer a wide selection of eco-friendly wines and coffees.