Frequently asked questions regarding our dinner arrangements

What is the charge for a dinner in the Ship Hall/ the restaurant?

A three course dinner in the restaurant and ship hall is set from about 950 SEK. Including VAT. We can also offer you menus for standing receptions for a lower cost. Please view our menus here.

Is it possible to arrange a standing reception in the museum?

Yes! We can accommodate up to 2000 guests in the Ship Hall and 360 in the restaurant. Why not try our buffet plate or anything from the cocktail menu?

How many guests can you accommodate in the Ship Hall or the restaurant for seated dinners?

We can accommodate 800 seated guests in the Ship Hall and 150 in the restaurant.

What is the maximum number of guests for each table?

Each table can be set up for between 4-20 guests, depending on the total number of guests. In the Ship Hall we can offer you square or rectangulare tables of eight-twelve up to 220 guests.

Are the drinks included in the menu price? Do you have drink packages?

Unfortunately not. Drinks are additional. We are happy to give you recommendation but we have wine packages for each menu.

Is coffee and tea included?

Coffee and tea is additional.

How much is the rental fee for the restaurant?

For groups of less than 36 guests, an additional fee is charged. 6 400 SEK. Ex. 25 % VAT.

Until what time is the venue rentable in the Ship Hall?

The venue is part of the arrangement until 00:00. If you wish to stay longer, it is possible until latest 03:00. The restaurant  will charge 4 000 SEK / hour ex VAT. after 23.00 to cover costs and other expenses for staff.

Is the staff, table setting, china, linen cloth, tables/chairs etc. included?

Yes, all is included. Menus, high/round tables and various extra equipment can be rented via the restaurant.

Is it possible to arrange entertainment in the Ship Hall / the restaurant?

Due to the wellbeing of the ship there are restrictions applying inside the ship hall. Therefore, if you wish to arrange your own entertainment, please contact us before hand to receive approval. In the restaurant there are no restrictions. After dinner in the Ship Hall it is possible to rent the restaurant for bar and dance (max. 360 guests).

Is it possible to arrange own catering?

Sorry, no. The Vasa Museum Restaurant is a fully licensed restaurant

Can you set up a bar in the Ship Hall / Restaurant?

Yes, we can arrange bars in the Ship Hall if needed. In the Restaurant there is a permanent bar. See above.

What temperature maintains in the Ship Hall?

The Vasa Museum’s Ship Hall maintains a constant temperature of 18 degrees Celsius (64,4 degrees Fahrenheit). We therefore recommend appropriate clothing. We provide with some blankets, but not enough for everyone at bigger events.

What is the earliest possible time for arrival?

The Vasa Museum and the restaurant need a minimum of an hour following regular opening hours to prearrange dinners in the Ship Hall (estimated time depends upon the type of event and the expected number of guests). Regular opening hours: 1st  September – 31st May (wintertime): 10:00-17:00. I.e. earliest arrival time for events is at 18hrs. 1st  June – 31st August (summertime): 08:30-18:00. I.e. earliest arrival time for events is at 19hrs. NB! During wintertime, the museum closes at 20:00 on Wednesdays. Please contact the Events Office for advice in terms of schedule during these evenings.

Are there cloakroom facilities?

The Vasa Museum has unmanned cloakroom facilities with portable racks with hangers and lockers. A manned cloakroom may be arranged by the client in our small auditorium, although it is not recommended. Please contact the Events Office for more information.

Where are the pre drinks usually served?

We recommend these drink reception areas in the Ship Hall:1. By the fore ship on the entrance level 4 (max.100 guests).2. At level 6 (balcony, starboard side) with a view over the Royal Warship and the museum (max.500 guests).3. At level 2 (keel level) with at view of Vasa from below ( max 300 guests).

We recommend these drink reception areas in the Restaurant: 1. At the veranda with a view over the water and the sun sets over Skepps- and Kastellholmen. If weather permitted.2. At the permanent bar.

Do you provide guided tours?

Guided tours (25 minutes) are included in the arrangements in the Ship Hall. Standard tours are conducted in English and Swedish. Other languages upon request and depending on availability and can be guaranteed two weeks before the visit. The Vasa Museum limits the number of visitors to 35 guests per guide. In case of groups totaling over 400 guests we offer guides available for questions during the drink reception instead of organized tours.

When do you suggest joining the guided tours?

If the guests arrive at the same time (with bus/boat) it is recommended to start with a guided tour. If they arrive separately we recommend the drink reception first. For further advice and recommendation please contact the events office.

What is included in the museum fee?

The arrangement includes entrance, the Ship Hall until 00.00 am, guided tours, museum staff and simple electronics for speeches etc. Please view our equipment list for more information.

Can we arrive by boat?

Yes, it is a wonderful way to start you evening. There is a jetty a 100 meters away from the Main Entrance.

What is the VAT rate?

You pay 12% VAT on food and water, coffee and non-alcoholic. 25% on alcoholic beverages.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. No cash.

Do you have a lost and found?

Please contact the information desk.

Is the museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes, both the museum and the restaurant are fully accessible.

Do you have Wifi facilities?

Yes, in both the museum and the restaurant. No cost.

Do you have any set up restrictions?

The premises of the Vasa Museum are not available for events needing large scale equipment, considerable remodeling of space or for additional constructions. This in order to preserve the ship. Read more here.

Is the museum entrance attended during the evening events?

Yes, the museum provides with museum staff.