The Seating application

Use our seating suggestions to see how tables and chairs can be arranged in the Main Hall and in the Vasa Restaurant.

NB! This requires “Macromedia Flash Player” to be installed. You can download the program here.

User instructions

There are six basic seating arrangements that you can choose from. For the Main Hall there are seating suggestions for 212, 232, 284, 364, 548 or 750 guests. For example, for 216 guests choose the suggestion for 212 guests and add a table and chairs. Should there be a major difference between the number of guests and the seating suggestions available, always choose the one catering for more guests than you plan to have. In this case, it is easier to remove extra tables.

Do you have too many tables?

Keep the ‘Delete’ button pressed down while you click on the table, chair or text that you want to remove. Alternatively you can use the computer mouse to drag and drop one table at a time to the seating arrangements. Do you need more tables or chairs?

At the bottom there are extra tables and chairs you can add to the arrangement. Take one table or a chair at a time and drag and drop it onto the seating arrangement.

Would you like to change the angle of a table, chair or text?

Keep the “Alt” button pressed down while you click with the mouse.


To print, remember to select ‘landscape’ layouts of the printout.