Our Sustainability Menu

Everything that is served on this menu is eco labelled in the sense that it is organic,
ASC-labelled, locally produced and/or have other eco labelling


Yellowtail Hiramasa (ASC labeled fish) with a mayonnaise made from soya on yellow peas,
roasted organic pumpkin seeds, organic beetroots and herbs from Finland

Domaine de la Chaise AOC Touraine Sauvignon Blanc, (HVE and Vegan)

Main Course

Lightly salted and baked organic salmon rolled in cumin served with a parsnip cream,
planed fennel, lemon-brown butter, lemon fillets and cress

Albert Ponnelle Bourgogne Rouge Les Tilleuts, Pinot Noir, Bourgogne. Organic/Biodynamic


Cloudberry Parfait on Organic Cloud berries, Sweetened Cloud berries,
Meringue and Roasted Almonds

760 SEK exclusive VAT