Cocktail menu/Amuse Bouche

Goat cheese and breadcrumbs with caramelized buckwheat and cress
Bleak Roe tartelette; roe with Västerbottens cheese cream, onion x 2 and pickled lemon peel
Pickled reindeer with long pepper, lingonberry mayonnaise, roasted pumpkin seeds
and shiso cress
Mixed smoked rein deer and horse radish in tartlette with trout roe and cress
Cured salmon on organic salmon with roasted pumpkin seeds and dill
Crayfish, spiced cumin cheese and crispy dark bread


Almond potato cream with seaweed caviar, pickled red onion and almond potato chips
Green pea cream with pickles, truffles and planed radish
Crayfish, spicy cheese, cumin, crispy breadcrumbs
Nuts/Root vegetable chips

Example of Beverages:
Casa Bianca Prosecco Brut, Venegazzù Veneto, Italy

Pol Roger Brut Réserve

Castellblanc Extra Brut, Spain, organic

Les Cardounettes Blanc, Foncaileu, France, organic                                             

Les Cardonettes Rouge, Foncalieu, France, organic                                                                     

Blended Whisky, Gin, Vodka

Whisky, Single Malt


Swedish Punch

Swedish Aquavit

Dark Rum

Export beer 33 cl.

Export beer 50 cl.

Our own Wreckage beer, unfiltered lager, 33 cl.

Pils Beer, 4,2 % vol.

Cider 33 cl.

Mineral Water, Still Water, 80 cl.

Mineral Water/Light Beer/Soda, 33 cl.


Organic Coffee/Tea

Cannonball/Vasa’s Truffle


 For Cocktail reception only, we will charge an extra fee.