Lobster and Cognac soup with chopped lobster, scallop and dill. (Maximum 200 guests)
Hunter´s Sauvignon Blanc 2011, New Zealand

Vasa´s archipelago plate (Mustard cured herring, sherry herring, cured salmon, sweet water crayfish mixed with mayonnaise and dill, Swedish Västerbottens cheese). Served with crisp bread.
Gentil Hugel 2012, Hugel et Fils, Alsace, France alt. Pils Beer

Salmon cured in anise with vegetable emulsion and balsamico cream.
Gewurztraminer Hugel 2011, Hugel et Fils, Alsace, France

Crayfish tails in mayonnaise flavored with crown dill and crayfish stock on dark bread. (Sept. to Nov.)
Hunter´s Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand, 2011

Potato and horseradish terrine with cured salmon, Swedish vendace roe, pickled red onion and lemon crème fraiche.
Pouillly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2011, Masson-Blondelet, Loire, France.

Seasonal Swedish fresh asparagus with cold butter sauce and chips of air dried ham. (April to June)
Chablis 2012, Joseph Drouhin, Bourgogne, France

Smoked rein deer cured in juniper berries (Souvas) with egg confit, tarragon bread and soya mayonnaise.
Guardian Peak SMG 2009, South Africa

Slices of duck breast served with smoked celeriac puree and a sweetened cranberry dressing.
Hofstätter Pinot Grigio, J. Hofstätter, Alto Adige, Italy, 2012

Main courses

Honey seared char with Savoy cabbage terrine and farmer beans. White wine and dill sauce.
Gentil Hugel 2012, Hugel et Fils, Alsace, France

Poached halibut with capers, tomato, fresh herbs and beurre noisette. Shaved fennel.
Hofstätter Pinot Grigio 2012, J. Hofstätter, Alto Adige, Italy

Oven baked quail with puy lentils and game minced meat flavored with foie gras. Pistachio nuts and red wine sauce .
Réserve Speciale Pinot Noir, 2013, Languedoc-Roussilon, France

Veal cutlet filled with chanterelle mousse. Roasted onion and Madeira sauce.
Paul Dolan Zinfandel, 2012, Mendocino County, California

Venison fillet (54 degrees) served with roasted butternut squash and a rich game sauce.
Perbacco Nebbiolo 2009, Vietti, Pimeonte, Italy

Roast reindeer with roasted root vegetables from Gotland. Chanterelle and sherry sauce.
Ripassa Valpolicella Superiore 2009, Zenato, Veneto, Italy


Lemon bavaroise with candied fennel and meringue.
Château Gravas 2010, Barsac/Sauternes, France

Valrhona chocolate mousse flavored with Swedish punch. Rosemary and orange biscuit.
Beaumes de venise 2010, Maison Nicolas Perrin, Rhône, France

Seasonal Swedish strawberries marinated in honey and lime. Homemade vanilla ice cream. (April-June)
Moncalvina Moscato d’Asti 2011, Coppo, Piemonte, Italy

Violet panna cotta with blackberry .
Beaumes de Venise 2009, Maison Nicolas Perrin, Rhône, France

White chocolate parfait with oat meal crunch.

Apple mousse cake on a thyme biscuit.


Complement the menu with Vasa´s local sourced farmhouse cheeses with clod berry marmalade

and organic grapes. Served with our home fruit bread.
Taylor´s Late Bottled Vintage, 2007

*The wines are just our suggestion and is not included in the menu price. For more alternatives, see wine list.